Art Galleries

The first project that The Minerva Proposal has implemented is that of the Art Gallery. The Minerva Proposal is currently providing an online art gallery for disadvantaged individuals to showcase their individuality, story, and creative ability. These artists can list their contact information if they so desire to build connections to help them blossom in the world of art. Additionally, we are working to implement a donation and commission service so that patrons can buy artwork from or give donations to the artists that most catch their eye. We believe that this project will provide an avenue for financial success for the most ambitious and entrepreneurial of our participants, as well as foster a sense of community between individuals who may not usually cross paths. In the future we also have plans to implement in-person, temporary, rotating art galleries where these individuals can showcase the physical forms of their creations.

Art Workshops

The next project that The Minerva Proposal has in the pipelines is that of the Art Workshop. The Art Workshop will provide complementary art lessons and supplies to eligible participants within the program. We hope to provide a space for self improvement, collaboration, and freedom of expression. Based on numerous research papers, art workshops have been shown to reduce rates of aggression(1), provide much needed structure(2), and help bring about actual meaningful changes within its participants(3). We hope that this program can increase socialization, vocational skills, help create a new sense of confidence, and bring about a renewed form of identity within its participants. Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have to provide these complementary workshops online, but we hope to move toward actual, physical workshops after the current health crisis has ended