Jason Kausshen was born in North Hollywood, California in 1971. At age 13 he moved to Spokane with his family, and he attended University High School where he got his GED. He later earned an associates of applied science from a junior college. Jason has worked as a machine operator, a fabricator, a deck hand in Alaska, and as a derrick hand in North Dakota, along with various other jobs. Jason did not start painting until age 45, when he discovered an ability to recognized faces in abstract patterns. Self taught, Jason learned to paint through hours and hours of practice. Jason describes his artwork as abstract, living, and having a unique color choice. Jason first became homeless when he was 23, and he has had off and on housing living situations since then. Jason believes that individuals should pursue their own path and dreams, even when facing ridicule or doubts from others. Creating artwork gives Jason a sense of hopefulness for the world, and he does not have a favorite piece yet. Jason is a First Baptist Christian. Jason's hobbies include riding bikes and hiking.




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